"Photography is more than just using your camera"

Sharing the passion of photography in Brussels since 2002.

Creatif Image believes that photography is much more than just using your camera on "auto" and pressing the shutter button. Photography and images are ways of creative self expression. Your photography journey with us will be an enlightening, fun and positive experience.


The popularity and success of our workshops is due to our

philosophy that Photography is a living art form, to be

experienced and practised. It's not something static taught from a textbook. The workshops are highly interactive, based on group discussion and practical shooting.


Discover and enjoy learning photography in plain simple English.


Creatif Image workshops are conveniently located in Ixelles, near Place Flagey and Ave Louise. We have excellent training

facilities where like-minded people can develop their

 skills in an international and fun group.


We're Brussels longest running English-speaking workshop team.

Our experienced leaders share their knowledge and enthusiasm

with anyone who enjoys photography, giving personal attention

to everyone’s interests and questions.


Be creative, learn to take great photos! There's a choice of

different workshops to develop or extend your skills. Enjoy the

journey as well as the destination!


We offer a range of workshops on various topics and for different levels of photographer.


Discover what your camera can do and photography at a foundation course. For hobbyists, dive deeper into a range of photography skills - travel photography, composition and light, image editing, and much more.


Practical workshops include a specific outside shoot, with indoor practice in our spacious studio before heading out.



Weekday version.  Tuesday evenings 19.00-22.00 . Starts 13th November.  Ends 18th December

A comprehensive workshop to understand and build your fundamental photography skills.   The most popular workshop to getting off "Auto" and using the full potential your camera offers.



Saturday 24th November.  12.30 - 16.30.

Strong composition is a vital skill in creatively capturing the very best of a scene. It creates powerful photographs which do justice to a stunning scene, while enhancing the clarity and impact of virtually any image.


Weekend version.  Saturday 13th and 20th October 2018.  09.45 - 18.00.

A comprehensive workshop to understand and build your fundamental photography skills.   The most popular workshop to getting off "Auto" and using the full potential your camera offers.


PRACTICAL WORKSHOP - Lowlight and Night Photography

Sunday 21st October 2018.  16.30 - 20.30.

Night photography is an expressive way to photograph the remaining ambient light of a scene.  You’ll get valuable insights on making balanced exposures, as well as tips to capturing its beauty as night falls.




NOV 2018



DEC 2018




Creativity and vision are different for everyone. We at Creatif

Image want to make available the basic skills for people to

explore their own journey in photography. We can’t - and don’t

want to - take a ‘good’ photograph for you. But there are

principles of rewarding photography that we know

can be shared and which will speed you on

your own personal journey.


This is what our workshops are designed to do. To feed your

understanding, to provide valuable knowledge and tips, to

save wasted time or getting frustrated when you can’t

capture what you’re looking for, or even what you see.

And to provide some inspiration from time to time!


Michael was born in the city-state of Singapore and moved to‘sunny’ Belgium in the late 80’s. He currently resides in the beautiful city of Brussels which he now calls home.


As a child he wanted to be an astronaut. His adventure into photography began when at about eleven years old, when he permanently borrowed a simple Kodak point and shoot camera from his mother.


During the nights, he would point it into space and photographed the stars. He was quite disappointed with the results – the stars were hardly visible. Later he would come to realise that the camera does not capture what the eye sees. He went on to discover that it could freeze a moment in space, in time. They were his first steps into discovering that imagination could be captured with the art of photography.


Besides leading photography workshops, Michael works commercially in the audio & visual industry as a photographer and videographer. His commercial work can be found at www.michaelchia.eu

Michael Chia

Trevor Waldron

Trevor is a landscape, travel and portrait photographer. Originally from London, he is an experienced workshop leader and coach with a strong background in training and photography tour leadership.


His work has been exhibited in London and Brussels, and published in the Netherlands and the UK. Its unifying theme is the use of natural light and use of strong composition, whatever the subject.


He has travelled extensively, and led photo tours in several European countries including Romania, Spain, the UK and Belgium. He has always loved working in a multi-cultural environment.


Trevor’s workshops communicate the key concepts of photography simply and are acknowledged for their clarity and depth. He has been part of the Creatif Image team for several years; his images can be found at www.trevorwaldron.com


Would you like to share our social responsibility projects?




We invite our workshop participants to join

our 'Giving back to society' opportunities, for example by being

mentors, by sharing their cameras and photography passion with

other people who face integration challenges.


We also organise photo walks & outings, requesting a small

donation of €10. We give this directly to the NGO which we

support, or you can donate it to an NGO of your choice.


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Photography is a matter of seeing, feeling

and - if there’s time - thinking,

rather than technique.


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